Inspired by Eliza Southwood

We have been creating Tour De France paintings inspired by the work of artist Eliza Southwood.


We looked carefully at some her paintings, then sketched our own.  Like her, we chose three or four different colours to make out paintings look bold and bright.  Our pictures look great so far, we will show off our finished art work very soon.

SAM_4390 SAM_4393 SAM_4395 SAM_4396 SAM_4397


Buy our game!

We have made our own board games related to the Tour De France.  We have started to make adverts persuading people to buy our games.

SAM_4359 SAM_4360 SAM_4361

What have you learnt today?

In SEAL we have been learning how to do new things.  We have each taught somebody else how to do something that we can do.

Some of the new skills we now have are….. doing the worm, card tricks, making patterns with paper, the cup song, drawing, making our hands talk and loom bands.  We had a lot of fun learning something new.

SAM_4346 SAM_4358 SAM_4354 SAM_4353 SAM_4351 SAM_4350 SAM_4349 SAM_4348

Cola Can

In numeracy we have been investigating capacity.  We were set the challenge of working out how tall a can of cola would have to be to hold 330ml of pop if the diameter of the can is 6cm.

SAM_4342  SAM_4341  SAM_4343 SAM_4339


We worked out the height of the can is about 11cm.

And the winner is…….

On Wednesday 25th June, the Eastern Warwickshire School Sports Partnership held their annual awards to celebrate the sporting and personal achievements of pupils in the partnership schools.

Jodhveer was nominated for an Olympic and Paralympic Values Award.  He went to Harris Academy on Wednesday evening and was the winner of the Respect award.  He recieved a medal and certificate in recognition of his efforts.  We are all very proud of him.  Well done Jodhveer.



Being Creative

We worked in small groups to create a map of the French Stage of the Tour De France.  We used our geography, ICT and DT skills to make some very creative maps.

SAM_4269 SAM_4277 SAM_4276 SAM_4274 SAM_4272 SAM_4271 SAM_4281 SAM_4285 SAM_4299


French Breakfast

As an introduction to our new theme, The Tour De France, we began by sampling some Traditional French breakfast food.  It was a delicious way to start the term.

SAM_4212 SAM_4211 SAM_4209SAM_4208SAM_4206

Performing Al Fresco

We performed our play of A Midsummer Night’s Dream outside, down in the dell!  The weather was kind to use and despite the odd interuption from a passing train, the outdoors really added to the atmosphere.  Thank you to everyone who came to watch us perform, we hope you enjoyed watching it as much as we did performing.

SAM_4061 SAM_4057 SAM_4054SAM_4045 SAM_4051 SAM_4050 SAM_4049


Puzzles and Problems

In maths we have been investigating problems, puzzles and patterns related to shape.  We have had lots of fun carrying out practical activities and came up with good ideas to find the answers to questions.

ka kaf

kl kf

The sound of music

On Tuesday we took part in an ‘open rehearsal’, we were able to show off our recorder and singing skills.

Picture 6



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